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Every ethnic minority has their special cultures and living-habits. Tibetans are an old and passionate ethnic minority. During the long history, Tibetan have formed their own living-habits and taboos.

1-When two friends meet again after a long separation, one's hand should not be put up on the other's shoulder.

2-Do not stride over or step on other people's clothes and put your clothes to others' hand. Do not strive over other people even more.

3-Women's clothes, especially trousers and underwears, are kept away from the places where people often passing through.

4-Do not whistle and cry aloud in room.

5-Do not sweep the floor or put off rubbish while families going out far away or guests leaving exactly, on the noon and the sunset, or on the first day in Tibetan calendar.

6-The strangers do not mention the dead people's name present at the dead people's family.

7-The work that should be finished in this year would not be left to the next year, such as twist wool, weave sweater and carpet etc.

8-At the dark, people do not go to others' room at random, especially the families, which have the pregnant woman or the heavy patient of grave disease.

9-After noon, do not take any belongings out.

10- Do not make a racket when you arrive at a mountain or canyon where is entirely strange to you.

11- Do not stride cross or step on the dining appliances, such as boilers, bowls and so on.

12- When two families want to go out with the reversed direction, they should not be at the same time. They should go out in turn and block off the times.

13- Women should not do up and wash their hair at night. They do not go out with hair disheveled,too.

14.-When using besom and dustpan, do not pass them by hand directly. You should put them down on the floor and the other people pick them up again.

15- When relatives and friends drop round or look in you with ghee or Qing Ke, you should leave a little or exchange some for guests. Do not empty out when guests leave.

16- Do not use the jagged or rimose bowl in dinner and do not use them for guests.

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