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Tibetan food appear in the cooking competition
The final contest for the group and individual of the fifth national cuisine skill competition has started in Beijing on April 13th. It is said that more than 200 winners from 10 different areas will contend for the final winners in the following 5 days. Tibet delegation has attended this competition for the first time.

Sweet tea: refresher of leisure time in Lhasa 2011-05-22
To Tibetans, tea is a drink just like coffee to the Westerners -- a drink to wake up and start the day. In Tibet, no morning can happily pass without tea, usually the buttered tea, while no lunch is dainty without sweet tea.
Taste fragrant and sweet in Sweet Tea House 2011-04-05
Drinking sweet tea as one of the popular leisure activities in Lhasa is attracting more and more tourists.
How to make Tibetan sweet tea? 2011-01-19
Most tourists prefer to taste sweet tea instead of butter tea when traveling to Tibet.
Beef and mutton popular in Lhasa market 2010-10-26
Currently, large amount of beef and mutton from around Tibet Autonomous Region are flowing into Lhasa market to meet local residents' increasing demand.
Traditional Tibetan food getting hot 2010-10-07
Traditional Tibetan style, leisure environment, classic decoration, together with professional service, Tibetan restaurants such as GangLa Metok,Snowland,Shimeimonlam are getting hot among tourists from home and abroad along the Beijing East Road of Lhasa, Tibet.
History, culture, cuisine 2010-08-29
The colorful ethnic heritage of Yunnan comes to Shanghai, showcased in a restaurant. Yu Ran samples the food.
2nd Hotpot Food Culture Festival held in Tibet 2009-12-21
The second Hotpot Food Culture Festival with the theme of "Experience hotpot food culture, welcome New year festival" was held in Tibet on Dec 18th.
Yummy Tibetan foods 2009-11-20
If you have chance to visit Tibet, then you should taste the yummy Tibetan food.
Moon cakes sell fast in Lhasa 2009-09-15
Moon cakes have been selling well in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, for the annual Mid-autumn Festival, which falls on October 3 this year, according to the Tibet Business.
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