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Black-white photos tell Chairman Mao's Tibet story.jpg
Black-white photos tell Chairman Mao's Tibet story
The portrait of late Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong, either taken between 1960s and 1970s or reprinted in recent years, is one of the frequent hanging objects in many Tibetan families.

A taste of Tibetan food in Beijing 2013-08-19
Makye Ame is one of the most famous Tibetan restaurants, which can be considered as a representative of Tibetan food in a sense. By a walk into the door, visitors seem to have left the modern metropolis and could enjoy leisure time in Tibet with both the exotic cuisine and culture.
Discovering ruins of ancient Gurge Kingdom 2013-08-16
Driving south from Sengye Tsangpo Township, capital city of Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, to Sutlej River valley, more than 200 kilometers away, the ancient Gurge Kingdom ruins bump into your eyes through the desolate soil forest, where the dilapidated walls overlapping together.
Top 10 mysteries in Tibet 2013-08-15
In this articile the author expatiates on the top ten mysteries in southwestern China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
An artist's self-discovery in Tibet 2013-08-14
What makes Tibet more different is that most people there are belivers of Tibetan Buddhism.
Tibetan musician seeks new style to promote local culture 2013-08-12
Sometimes it takes a bit of exploration and discovery to retrace our roots. After over a decade living away from home, Tibetan singer Tashi Phuntsok decided to return to his native town of Lhasa and buy a bar.
Buddha painting unfolding ceremony opens in Lhasa 2013-08-07
Shoton Festival is second only to Tibetan New Year 2013-08-07
Kingdom of butterfly 2012-04-10
Garze Tibetan Autonomous Region of Sichuan Province is an ideal place for butterflies because of its favorable climate. Many rare and precious kinds of butterflies of high research value live here. as a result, Garze gets the nickname of "Kingdom of Butterfly".
Tibetan treasures first exhibited in South China's Guangdong 2012-04-10
An exhibition of rare treasures from southwest China's Tibet opens in the country's south Guangdong Province on April 10, the first of its kind ever held in the coastal province, according to the organizer.
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